Interview With A Patent Troll

earlier this week Arstechnica posted an excellent summary and review of the practices of MPHJ Technologies, their associated shell companies and the law companies around the USA that represent them them in their trolling.

In the call, the confused Mr. Smith starts out by telling Rust he can scarcely believe what is happening. “Just to reiterate, my home printer—if I scan to e-mail, it’s an option on my Hewlett-Packard printer—I do that, I owe you money?” asks Smith.

“If you said you hooked it up to the Internet, and in one button, you can scan and e-mail directly out—yes, you have violated the patent that we own,” says Rust.

That means millions of Americans owe Rust’s anonymous client money

They also contacted a lawyer from the Texas firm of Farney Daniels and got a very informative interview from senior partner Brian Farney detailing his point of view of view. A call to one of MPHJ’s legal enforcer Mac Rust didn’t bear as much fruit but did give a laugh:

“I’d appreciate you not running a photo of me, anywhere,” said Rust. “You know how photographs work, with copyright and all. If there’s a photograph up online of me, I own it.”

I simply told Rust that we did have a photo that was fine for us to use, with or without his permission

While that tidbit could be construed as trolling-a-troll, perhaps it’s more of a dose of reality for someone connected to highly controversial infringement letter writing campaign. Unfortunately they seem to be fairly committed and intend to eventually pursue litigation.


Full Article,

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